Selling on Amazon: An Insider’s View of What it Takes to be Successful


Selling on Amazon: An Insider’s View of What it Takes to be Successful

Last year, Amazon accounted for over 40% of all US-based E-Commerce transactions. One might think with those numbers that setting up shop on Amazon is a no-brainer. The truth is, according to Amazon expert Phil D’orazio, being successful on Amazon is as difficult as any other business venture.

In our exclusive podcast, my interview with Phil D’Orazio, president of Palmetto Digital Marketing Group, uncovers the real story about what it takes to be successful selling on the Amazon platform. Phil is a long-time expert in the search engine optimization space who shifted his business model several years ago to focus on managing dozens of Amazon storefronts as a boutique service provider. His firm specializes in working directly for manufacturing companies although his knowledge of the Amazon platform extends far beyond that market.

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