Selling on Amazon: An Insider’s View of What it Takes to be Successful

Last year, Amazon accounted for over 40% of all US-based E-Commerce transactions. One might think with those numbers that setting up shop on Amazon is a failure.

In a Perfect Digital World, Organizations Would Have This

We all know the world is an imperfect place, yet we still dream about having the perfect house, vacation or even relationship. Like our reality, the digital world operates in the same universe of chaos, disruption and sometimes outright failure.

Digital Success is More About Culture Power than Computing Power

Years ago, in a prior life, when the Internet first appeared commercially in the early 1990’s, there was an amazing excitement about the future and programming and building things online.

For Digital Transformation – One Thing Definitely Leads to Another

If you are a fan of 80’s Pop music, you might remember a band called the Fixx and one of their iconic hits “One Thing Leads to Another.”

Drive-Ins & Digital Transformation

Too often, people think of digital transformation as a challenge only “big” businesses need to face. In reality; nothing could be farther from the truth.

Digital Transformation is Not New; Just Necessary

If you have been reading about digital transformation in last year or two, you might think this whole phenomenon is a recent trend sweeping organizations everywhere. The fact is, digital transformation is anything but new; it’s just become a necessity now.

Know Thy Customers Well

Many people talk about digital transformation as if organizations should be ultra-fluid and agile so they can change on a dime. What they miss is the importance of being rigid with a steadfast objective to know your customer intimately.

Webinar on Readiness to Evaluate Digital Transformation Initiatives

Global consulting firm Protiviti ( will host a one-hour complimentary webinar about internal audit’s readiness to evaluate digital transformation initiatives.

The Perfect Storm for Digital Transformation in Smaller Organizations

The next wave of digital disruption will impact small and mid-sized businesses the most. The very survival of these organizations will depend on navigating a perfect storm of market factors and making wise decisions to remain competitive.

5 Conversion Partnership Strategies for Your Digital Growth

If you think building and launching your website is the end goal, you need to rebuild your digital playbook. The real value of your online property is the ability to convince and convert – beyond a simple hard transaction.