Know Thy Customers Well


Know Thy Customers Well

The point of digital transformation is not simply to integrate technology. Successful transformation means building a better relationship with customers that will keep your organization in business. Your time and effort today should be focused on asking the questions “what do your customers want?” and “how can we get them to do what they want with us?”

Traditional business thinking is that the customer either wants your product or service or they don’t and that is it.  It forces the customer to “play ball” on your terms. Digital transformation disrupts this thinking because there is a major shift in customer attitudes that will keep evolving. Now, your prospects and customers can spread their wings, researching all their buying options, checking pricing and reading user experience reviews. Today, customers have much more control over who they will buy from, when they will buy and how they want to be treated throughout the process.

No longer can organizations simply bank on customer loyalty. You must work every day to invent, create and deliver fresh and engaging reasons for your customers to keep you top of mind when buying. Today, this process must include digital touch points that reach your audience where they are, which is increasingly online, and on many different digital devices.

Many people talk about digital transformation as if organizations should be ultra-fluid and agile so they can change on a dime. What they miss is the importance of being rigid with a steadfast objective to know your customer intimately. This is the era of understanding behavioral characteristics of the people that keep you in business and not to pretend they will buy from you because they did in the past. If you are not shifting with audience behavior, you will drift out of being a relevant choice for where your customers place their interest or their order.

Know thy customer well and then build the top digital connective tissue that will bond your audience to your brand. This effort requires frequency, consistently and with the passion to build long-term relationships.

Peter Bowman is a digital strategist, growth consultant, and entrepreneur with twenty-five years of proven experience helping organizations and business owners succeed through digital transformation. Call him 904-295-6196 at to discuss your digital transformation status, needs or to learn more about having him help create Digital Transformation Plan for your organization.