In a Perfect Digital World, Organizations Would Have This


In a Perfect Digital World, Organizations Would Have This

We all know the world is an imperfect place, yet we still dream about having the perfect house, vacation or even relationship. Like our reality, the digital world operates in the same universe of chaos, disruption and sometimes outright failure. So, in a perfect digital world, what would that look like for your organization?

Here are the top eight characteristics of what could potentially create the perfect digital organization:

  1. A proactive and adoptable digital strategy – A great digital strategy is one that encompasses the needs and goals of the organization, the clients, and prospects and can be adopted passionately by those that have to execute the work.
  2. An engaging customer experience – It’s one thing to just build online assets and another to create digital experiences that truly engage your users. The goal is to build a digital estate that appeals to the way your users want to experience.
  3. A team filled with talent – From the internal digital staff to external consultants and vendors, you want great people that are passionately aligned with your digital strategy and success.Smooth digital operations – You want legacy operational procedures to become more efficient through the introduction of new digital processes that support your long-term digital transformation.
  4. Embrace technical solutions – You want to research and select applications and platforms that deliver on your strategy and can scale for growth.
  5. Effective marketing communications – Your front-end content messaging is always working to become more personalized to meet the behavioral needs and wants of your customers and prospects.
  6. Relevant and useful data & analytics – You have easy access to captured data points and understand and leverage the top analytics that helps you to identify areas of weakness and strength so you can consistently optimize your digital estate.
  7. Financial stewardship – You have a firm grasp on the financial needs to achieve digital success. You are also able to mitigate the risks of losing time and money while always being interested and prepared to scale your digital estate for growth.

Building a perfect digital organization may seem like an unrealistic goal; however, it’s never wrong to dream big and make the daily execution efforts that aim for the top while consistently improving your situation every day.


Peter Bowman is a digital strategist, growth consultant, and entrepreneur with twenty-five years of proven experience helping organizations and business owners succeed through digital transformation. Call him 904-295-6196 at to discuss your digital transformation status, needs or to learn more about having him help create Digital Transformation Plan for your organization.