For Digital Transformation – One Thing Definitely Leads to Another


For Digital Transformation – One Thing Definitely Leads to Another

If you are a fan of 80’s Pop music, you might remember a band called the Fixx and one of their iconic hits “One Thing Leads to Another.” Well, that song came out about the same time the first Apple computer was released – perhaps as one could argue – a true starting point of digital transformation.

The song has significant relevance today with our digital culture as organizations struggle to change with the behavioral habits of the markets they are trying to reach and engage. For most users of digital technology, they see only the front screens of smart devices and online channels. The fact is, digital today touches many functions and operational areas that all must align to properly perform.

Most organizational leaders are stunned when they begin a process of digital transformation. Why? Because one thing definitely leads to another. Every digital movement, change, modification, upgrade and migration creates a chain reaction that many times is not foreseen. This causes a trial by error syndrome which acts against the very nature of digital transformation.

The process of digital transformation requires a discipline to see things ahead of disruption and to create a positive net result learning the hard way on the fly. To avoid negative chain reactions, organizations must do more than blaze a trail. They need to create a moat around the entire landscape and proactively protect every sector of the organization from being negatively affected by change.

In a recent survey, one top executive described the process of digital transformation like “trying to move your lawn because your house is on fire.” The reality is, things will not get easier for organizations unless they surround themselves with people that can see things two to three steps ahead and look at an entire organization and lift it up in consecutive and cohesive motions.

For most organizations, digital transformation will be a difficult and sometimes deadly venture. When doing one thing leads to another, it is very easy to get caught up in doing nothing more than chasing your own tail.

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