Digital Success is More About Culture Power than Computing Power


Digital Success is More About Culture Power than Computing Power

Years ago, in a prior life, when the Internet first appeared commercially in the early 1990’s, there was an amazing excitement about the future and programming and building things online. I remember building a team of coders and designers and every night, they would leave work with stacks of books and printouts of how to do their jobs better the next day.

Without knowing it then, we were building a transformative culture which powered our success for years. Little did anyone know, they were making huge, risky investments in their own skill sets, our fledgling company, and contributing to the evolution of the Internet.

Fast forward twenty-five years later and we are still in a state of significant digital transformation. The difference is, back then, most organizations had a choice to “play” with the Internet. Today, it’s not just a requirement, you must do it right or risk losing everything.

It’s amazing to see so many organizations failing to properly transition to effective digital operations. I believe a major reason for this lacking interest and urgency to succeed digitally comes down to poor cultural power. Most organizations want to compete or succeed online but when it comes to their talent, team and culture, they lack the passion and excitement to bend space and time and win online.

Unless an organization can put a digital strategy down that fosters engagement from the bottom up, the results will never reach their potential. Do a cultural analysis of your digital team and then measure how engaged other employees are to help see it all through. If no one is leaving at night and coming back to work with better ideas, skills or more interest, you likely have a cultural power issue. Computing power is cheap today. Cultural power where people want to perform is the goldmine ingredient for successful digital transformation.

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