5 Conversion Partnership Strategies for Your Digital Growth


5 Conversion Partnership Strategies for Your Digital Growth

If you think building and launching your website is the end goal, you need to rebuild your digital playbook. The real value of your online property is the ability to convince and convert – beyond a simple hard transaction. Digital conversion is about changing minds, influencing thoughts, creating action or building new levels of trust that are directly connected to your digital offerings.

Once your digital estate is lit up, you need to develop conversion partnerships that will increase your chances of attracting and influencing new customers to do business with your organization. Conversion partnerships are relationships that you leverage outside of your organization that add traffic and transaction power to your digital performance.

Here are five conversion partnership strategies that can help increase your digital growth:

  1. Content Distribution Partners
    Everyone knows you can pay for public relations, but did you know you can develop content distribution partnerships that leverage your content on 3rd party sites? From guest blogging to content syndication, there are many valuable reasons to find strategic content partners that want to extend your content to their audience. This process of content marketing is very valuable from branding and search value to building new trust lines with customers you may never have reached before.
  2. Distributive Marketing Partners
    Every business can build relationships with targeted partners that are willing to refer business back to your organization. This process provides both parties with a chance to create relationship referral depth. The best distributive marketing partners are the ones that will use offline influence or high touch means of helping your organization grow. You can establish a commission or compensation structure that works for both parties. The most important aspect in this process is finding distributive marketing partners that add value to your brand and are as concerned for your brand value as you are.
  3. Affiliate Programs
    There are many affiliate programs that can connect your products and services to online channels that want to promote your offerings. These programs allow you to set up campaigns that affiliates can then promote on their digital channels. All traffic is monitored and tracked so you know exactly which affiliate source is tied to a customer that bought from you. Using standardized commission structures, these affiliate platforms will help you track and compensate those affiliates that sent you buying customers.
  4. Social Media Influencer Partners
    Chances are, there are social media influencers that are in direct alignment with your product or service. These individuals have social followings that are highly likely to be interested in your business. Rather than try to buy and build your own social network, these individuals can be contacted and inspired to promote your brand for some compensation that you can determine. Be sure to validate the legitimacy of the influencers network by asking for past conversion success metrics or by looking at the type of engagement levels they have on their social feeds.
  5. Cohabitation Partners
    Imagine putting other products and services on your site and having the same done for you. You may ask why this would even make sense but it’s a trend you will see more of in the future. Cohabitation partners creates depth on your site by offering visitors the chance to expand their experience to include other products and services that are symbiotic to your business. This is a way for brands to hedge their investment. Any digital traffic could become a conversion success even if they end up choosing to buy from one of your cohabitation partners. This is a huge trend in large retail sites and will eventually trickle down to service based businesses as well.

Just when you think your digital estate is in order, there are more strategies to grow traffic and conversion success. Your goal is to find the right combination of digital partnerships that distribute your brand and create new customer trust points and transactions so you can experience more digital success.

Peter Bowman is a digital strategist, growth consultant, and entrepreneur with twenty-five years of proven experience helping organizations and business owners succeed through digital transformation. Call him 904-295-6196 at to discuss your digital transformation status, needs or to learn more about having him help create Digital Transformation Plan for your organization.